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Scientist’s Work on Nanotech Could Pave Way for Artificial Retinas
Retinal diseases rob millions of their vision, but a University of Houston researcher’s work to better understand how cells in the eye interact with artificial materials like electronic chips could restore sight to those with damaged retinas. more
1 ‘Father Figure’ of Plate Tectonics Theory Wins Geology’s Highest Award
Forty years after helping to lead a revolution in the way scientists believe the planet’s surface was shaped, a University of Houston geologist was honored with his field’s most prestigious award. more

2 Distinguished UH Scientist Receives Presidential Appointment
A University of Houston professor whose breakthrough work on superconductivity made him one of the America’s most renowned researchers recently was appointed to the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science.  more

Air Pollution in Houston Scientists Learning More About Refineries’ Role in Houston Air Pollution
Houston’s refineries and petrochemical plants may contribute even more to the city’s air pollution problem than previously believed, according to University of Houston researchers who identified industrial sites as the likely source of much of primary formaldehyde in the region’s air. more