UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
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NSM Faculty Members Garner University’s Highest Awards
Seven faculty members of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics were among this year’s winners of the University of Houston's most prestigious faculty awards for their accomplishments in teaching and research. more
Photo of James, Benbrook, Eric Bittner, Simon Bott, William Dupre, Virginia Hollyer, Alana Lynes, and Vern Paulsen

UH, Medical Center Offering Exposes Undergrads to ER and Research
University of Houston undergraduates are receiving first-hand research training in clinical emergency room medicine thanks to a recent addition to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics curriculum.  more

UH Geologist Honored for Groundbreaking Work Into Ancient Origins of Mountain Ranges
A University of Houston geologist who unlocked the ancient history of the Appalachian Mountains and helped change the way scientists believe the planet's surface was formed recently was honored with one of Ireland’s highest scholarly awards.  more