UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
October 2009
Bucking National Trend, UH Strengthens Geoscience Field Programs.
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Bucking National Trend, UH Strengthens Geoscience Field Programs
The picturesque camp at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana near Yellowstone National Park comes complete with rustic-looking cabins, kitchen and mess facilities and perfect natural scenery. more
Stewart’s presentation
UH Geophysicist Introduces Students to Fun Science
Using high-tech radar and seismic imaging equipment local high school students will get a peek at what lies beneath the surface of downtown Houston as part of an applied science presentation by a leading geophysicist at the University of Houston. more

UH Researchers Win International Geophysics Award
International Geophysics Award Recognizes NSM Research
Pioneering seismic research at the University of Houston that could unlock vast deposits of oil deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico and improve exploration worldwide has earned two young scientists one of the most prized international awards in geophysics. more