UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
October 2010
Geologist's Work Improves Odds of Finding Diamonds
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UH Physicist Plays Key Role In Joint U.S. - China Project Studying Origins of the Universe
Deep beneath a mountain in southern China a University of Houston physicist along with a vast international team of researchers is trying to unlock the secrets of a mysterious particle that could shed light on the history of the universe and how existence is possible. more
Youngsters Escape the Heat for Cool Science at UH
UH Physicists Study Behavior of Enzyme Linked to Alzheimer's, Cancer
Using complex computer simulations University of Houston physicists are shedding new light on the workings of a crucial protein that when malfunctioning can cause Alzheimer’s and other diseases. more

Sequencing of First Frog Genome Sheds Light on Treating Disease
NSM Undergrad Researches With Leading Biomedical Team
Spending the summer studying rodent tissue and DNA may not sound glamorous, but biology senior Angela Abouassi’s research into heart development this year put her in the middle of the cutting-edge biomedical research being done by one of the University of Houston’s most renowned lab teams. more