NSM Faculty Featured in UH Research Blog

Blog Highlights Research That Makes UH Tier One

University of Houston’s Division of Research launched a blog in late 2013.

The Research Blog, One-on-One with Tier One, highlights the projects of UH faculty, introducing readers to the work that makes UH a Tier One Research University.

Featured NSM Faculty

Seema Khurana, Biology and Biochemistry
What do breast cancer and colon cancer have in common? Actually, they may have a lot more in common than you might think. Studying a potential link through a protein called Villin is Dr. Seema Khurana. Read blog

research-blog-1Khurana (left middle)research-blog-2Choi

Yunsoo Choi, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
As climate change and global warming become increasingly severe problems around the world, researchers are looking into ways to monitor and forecast the pollution that contributes to this borderless issue. Read blog

Don Coltart, Chemistry
Chemists are faced with a challenge: An effective drug has been discovered, but they now need to make it in a way that accounts for its very specific form and shape. Sounds simple? Not always. Read blog


Xun Jiang, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Jiang received an award from NASA to study atmospheric carbon dioxide. She is currently working in collaboration with Dr. Yuk L. Yung at the California Institute of Technology. The researchers will use NASA’s first dedicated Earth remote sensing satellite, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, to measure carbon dioxide and identify the locations of carbon dioxide sources and sinks. Read blog


Jokūbas Žiburkus, Biology and Biochemistry
Žiburkus received $185,000 from the Dravet Syndrome Foundation to study seizures in pediatric epilepsy. He is collaborating with Dr. Jeffrey L. Noebels, professor of neurology, neuroscience, and molecular and human genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. They are trying to determine whether treatment with adenosine can rescue children from repetitive seizures as well as improve the associated social dysfunctions and learning disorders of Dravet syndrome. Read blog